HPC Rountable 2023 – “La Centrale” Congress Center Lavazza – Turin

Opening keynote

(Tania Cerquitelli, DAUIN PoliTO )

Case study with IVECO:

A machine learning approach to optimize resource allocation on an HPC cluster.

1° Roundtable “Automotive and Manufacturing”

(Bjoern Adamski, CIQ; Satish Kanagala, Altair; Debora Schampers, Lenovo; Patrick Schots, Cornelis Networks, Nicola Venuti, AWS)

2° Roundtable “Data management”

(Tommaso Cecchi, DDN; Philipp Falk, ThinkParQ; Jan Heichler, VAST Data)

3° Roundtable “Energy management”

(Paolo Bianco, DELL; Marco Paccagnan, DBA Pro; Massimiliano Maistro, Vertiv; Philippe Bricard, UCit)

4° Roundtable “HPC & AI convergence”

(Luca Catalano, AMD; Lorenzo Dalci, Oracle; Paolo Masera, HPE; Wolfgang de Salvador, Microsoft; Carlo Nardone, NVIDIA)

HPC Rountable 2022 – “La Centrale” Congress Center Lavazza – Turin

Nvidia AMD Intel

1° Roundtable “HPC technology trends”

(Piero Altoé, EMEA; Luca Catalano, AMD; Claudio Bellini, INTEL)

A discussion, between different microprocessor and accelerators manufacturers, on the medium therm development of HPC technologies and market.

1° Keynote IEO

(Arnaud Ceol, IEO)

Arnaud Ceol, IEO

2° Roundtable “HPC consumption models”

(Paolo Bellardone, Oracle; Daniela Besana, MS Azur; Nicola Venuti, AWS; Debora Schampers, Lenovo; Paolo Bianco, Dell)

Cloud provider and Hardware vendors compared on the models of consumption of systems.
HPC, on-premise, hybrid, cloud, multi-cloud. Which are the models that are emerging and the
strengths of the different options.

2° Keynote “HPC & AI convergence”

(Michela Papandrea, SUPSI, Departement of innovative Technologies DTI, Institute of Information Systems and Networking ISIN)


3° Roundtable “HPC e intelligenza artificiale”

(Tiziano Leidi, SUPSI; Piero Altoé, NVIDIA; Edmondo Orlotti, HPE; Marco Briscolini, Altos)

Cloud Providers e Hardware vendors compared on the scenarios of convergence between HPC and
artificial intelligence, areas of development and use.

4° Roundtable “Storage and archiving models and strategies”

(Tommaso Cecchi, DDN; Bertrand Ounian, Vast; Louis Frederic Laszlo, Atempo; Philipp Falk; BeeGFS)

Major players of the storage sector discuss about models and systems needed for supporting HPC in the future.